We have a range of brochures for your information. If you have other questions or need support, we provide 24-hour telephone support: (06) 878 7047.

About Us

At Cranford Hospice we take a team approach to providing care, taking in the physical, psychological, spiritual and social aspects of living that is holistic in its approach.


Inpatient Unit

People are admitted to the inpatient unit at Cranford Hospice for treatment of symptoms that are difficult to control in the community, or for respite care. While in the inpatient unit, your care will be managed by the hospice team.


Patient Information

An overview of the services Cranford Hospice provides, the dedicated professionals that make up the hospice team, your rights and helpful tips on coping with illness.


Navigating Grief and Loss

A seven-week support group for adults who have lost a loved one through illness. "If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time" (Beth Mende Conny).



Grief is a normal process. It is the process of adjusting to your loss, and learning to live without a loved one in your life. The grief of bereavement is often accompanied by very strong and sometimes painful feelings.
This brochure aims to help you understand some of these feelings.


Syringe Driver

A syringe driver may be used to give prescription medication when a person is unable to take medicine by mouth. This brochure explains how to use the syringe driver at home.


A guide for carers

There are many people who are caring for someone who is dying throughout New Zealand. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do or what help and support is available.

This guide is designed to provide a clearer picture of the situation and to answer some of the questions or issues that might come up as part of this journey.