From the General Manager Helen Blaxland

Thanks to our valued supporters, Cranford Hospice was able to provide free care and support for 675 people and their loved ones last year.

While we started the year expecting an operating deficit of $2.1M, we have been able to stay in the ‘black' thanks to a large bequest and the generosity of over 4300 individuals, businesses, groups, organisations and charitable trusts that have financially supported the hospice in the last 12 months.

Cranford's shops also played a big role in this excellent result, selling generously donated goods - sorted, cleaned and presented for sale by 300 volunteer staff.

Avid shoppers like Irene Howson in this enewsletter ensured our shops contributed 20% to last year's operating deficit.

Shirley Collins, our new Fundraising, Communication and Marketing Manager joined the team in April, bringing a fresh approach to our fundraising strategies. In the last month of the financial year we received a record 59 new referrals and as I write this we are caring for 203 registered hospice patients. This is 25% higher than the same time last year.

Such a growth in patient numbers requires us to review our service delivery models and staffing levels, within the constraints of no government funding increases. Appointing our first Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Community Nursing team is enhancing our capacity. We plan to also create a similar role in the Inpatient Unit team.

Hospice philosophy is about helping people to ‘live while they are dying' while also ensuring the needs of family and whānau are taken care of before, during and after the death of their loved one.

I am sure you will be inspired by Lyn's story – an example of the whole hospice experience. Without your support this would not have been possible.

I hope to see you at one (or more!) of the three big hospice fundraising events in November. They include the newly-formatted charity wine auction - a must attend event for everyone's social calendar!

Enjoy the blossoms of spring and the renewal that this season brings.

Helen Blaxland, General Manager

Helen Blaxland

Listen to Helen Blaxland's message for our Spring Supporter Enews.


From the Cranford Hospice Board Chair Hayley Anderson

It has been another busy year for the Cranford Hospice Board. In the last six months we reviewed and signed off the Cranford Hospice Charter with the support of our Patron John Buck and members of the Presbyterian Support East Coast Board.

We continue to work at strategies that help improve financial sustainability, again in partnership with PSEC and others. Cranford Hospice is no different to any other hospice in this regard.

I had the opportunity recently to meet with a range of hospice Chief Executives and Chairs from across the country and being better prepared financially for the future is top of mind for everyone.

I was so proud to be present at the Volunteering Hawke's Bay Excellence Awards recently when our Board received the Excellence in Governance Award, sponsored by Hawke's Bay Foundation. Thank you to the Board members; each of you contributes in different ways and it is an honour for me to work alongside you all.

We now turn our attention to how we can best engage our community in the decisions about the future of hospice services, and what the future model of care should look like.

To assist us, our General Manager is attending an overseas conference and will visit two hospices which lead the world in engaging with diverse communities and future development.

As a Board, our thanks as always goes to the highly committed Cranford Hospice staff and volunteers for the work they do every day to help patients in their care to live every moment.

Thanks also to you, our wonderful supporters. Without you, we would not have the financial stability to deliver great care every year to those who are dying in Hawke's Bay.

Hayley Anderson, Cranford Hospice Board Chair

Helen Blaxland


Cranford Hospice Board: Hayley Anderson (Chair), Tim Bevin, Judie Webster, Frane Rosandich, Lindsay Knowles, David Compton, Numia Tomoana.