Rex Bartlett - 30 years of support

"I'm impressed you give people options of care." Rex Bartlett

Cranford has been providing free palliative care to patients in Hawke's Bay since 1982.

This would not have been possible without the generous support of many people and organisations over many years. This year, government funding will contribute 52% towards palliative care services in the region, leaving Cranford with an operating deficit of $2.1m to be fundraised.

When Rex Bartlett retired from his dental practice about six years ago, he soon missed the social contact of others. He now runs a small dental practice from home, specialising in prosthetics, dentures and extractions. Rex is one of a solid group of committed hospice supporters who have chosen to make regular monthly donations to Cranford Hospice.

He first started donating to Cranford more than 30 years ago, and in 2004 Rex decided to start sending monthly gifts to the hospice. Many loyal donors like Rex have had a previous connection with Cranford through the death of a loved one. When Rex's mother was terminally ill in the 1990s, it was common practice for Cranford nurses to visit hospice patients in their retirement villages or rest homes, to provide them with palliative care.

Rex Bartlett

Rex noticed her medications were administered through a syringe driver, and wondered who paid for it. “I didn't know who was paying for it, but I do know that it helped her, and she had peace.“

Rex is not only motivated to donate from personal experience though. It fits in with his Christian belief to support the community he lives in.

“New Zealanders are generally acknowledged as being generous - but we could do a bit better,” says Rex who also believes charity should begin at home. I think you should look to your own people first before you look overseas.” Rex would like more people to be aware of the scope of Cranford's services.

“They don't realise you only have eight beds in the hospice, but you've also got a whole lot of other nurses in the community. 'm impressed that you give people options of care and it is important that they are aware of the options.”

We are very grateful for Rex Bartlett and many other donors like him who have made a commitment to donate monthly to Cranford Hospice so that all patients receive their care free of charge.