Spring 2013

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It is truly motivating to read Aileen and Papa's stories below and also hear from Heath. These courageous patients are showing us how to make the most of every day, and how not to see a terminal diagnosis as the end of the line.


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I trust that you will also be inspired by our volunteer's story.

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An awesome life together

heath an awesome life

Cranford Hospice provides a "home away from home" for Heath Sutherland and his family. Diagnosed with cancer two and a half years ago, Health says that he and his wife Maryanne have had an awesome life together, taking every day as it comes.

VIDEO: Listen to Heath's story

Papa's formula for living each day well

Papa patient playing ukelele

Papa's journey with esophagus cancer has turned his life upside down. He has a simple formula for making the best of every moment:

Get up each morning and give thanks that you've got another day. Then be the best you can be for that day.  "Get on with life," Papa says.

READ Papa's inspirational story

I'm at ease with what the future holds

Aileen Himona

Do not be afraid to come to hospice. That's the message patient Aileen Himona wants to share with as many people as possible.

She once thought hospice was a place people went to die. Now she knows it's a place people go to learn to live life to the fullest.

READ Aileen's story

Care of the dying, a community issue

Colleen Dempers education team

Did you know that last year 37.5 per cent of all hospice patient deaths occurred in an aged-care facility?

Cranford Hospice's education team runs training courses for both hospice staff and HB health professionals, including staff in aged-care facilities.

VIDEO: Learn more about this vital work

Cranford belongs to me, and everybody in Hawke's Bay

Waa Harris volunteer

Waa Harris can often be found working in the background of many a Cranford Hospice fundraiser. Cranford was built by dedicated people like her.

"I'm doing it for me and my whānau and the wider whānau out there," she says.

READ more about Waa's gift of service

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We have a number of exciting events and happenings coming up. You'll see us at the Hastings Blossom Parade and at the HB Home & Garden Show in September.

Come and say hello to us at our Cattle Scheme stall at the HB Show in October. We also have a stunning book offer for you and a very special art auction at the new MTG Building in Napier.

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