Cranford Hospice News & Events


17 Nov 2017
Renee Smith

Trees of remembrance are now in Farmers Napier and Hastings as well as the three Cranford Hospice stores.

1 Nov 2017
Paige Kaye

"Cranford Hospice let us be sons to our Dad, not carers" - Read about Mako's experience with Cranford Hospice and more in our Spring Newsletter.

12 Oct 2017
Renee Smith

Aroha is the Cranford Hospice newsletter, published twice a year.

11 Oct 2017
Nathalie van Dort

Six public meetings will be held on the recommendation Cranford Hospice should move to Chesterhope Station.

12 Sep 2017
Renee Smith

I have wanted to write this card for months but for some reason I kept putting it off....

5 Sep 2017
Nathalie van Dort

Hospice New Zealand is proud to announce that as of this week national partner BNI® New Zealand, the country's largest structured business networking organisation for small/medium businesses, has raised over $1.5 million for hospices.

29 Aug 2017
Nathalie van Dort

On Friday 25 August, we celebrated our 35 birthday in the Cheval Room at the Hawke's Bay Racing Centre.

28 Aug 2017
Nathalie van Dort

Did you know that you can help Cranford Hospice to get its fibre costs down? NOW have a scheme called Smarter Communities, and one of the charities is Cranford Hospice.

11 Aug 2017
Nathalie van Dort

The Cranford Hospice Foundation, together with the Cranford Hospice Trust and the Hawke's Bay District Health Board (HBDHB), recently announced their intention to undertake a business case to consider a new home for Cranford Hospice.

9 Aug 2017
Nathalie van Dort

Sophie Duckworth, one of the Medical Officers at Cranford Hospice, was invited to attend the European Association of Palliative Care's Annual Conference in Madrid in May 2017.