Our first AGM and Annual Report as an independent charity

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Paige Kaye

This year we celebrated our first year as an independent charity – The Cranford Hospice Trust. While on some level it’s been ‘business as usual,’ there has been a whole lot of mahi to get us to this point in time. We held our first AGM on the 22nd of November, where we released our Annual Report.

We want to thank all those who were able to come and support our vision; that our community will have the capacity, knowledge and services to support people who are dying and their family and whanau.

This year we provided high quality, specialist palliative care to 853 patients and their families and whanau. The need for our services continues to grow, and it is important that we acknowledge that behind the figures and statistics are a wide range of individuals whose needs are unique to them.

One of our patients, Kevin, spoke at our AGM about his experience with Cranford Hospice.

“Living with dying is hard work and it is really bizarre. You’re still living, still functioning, but you are actually dying.
But not yet.
I couldn’t do without Cranford, because they are guiding me through the process and they have explained to me what will happen in the future. This has put my mind at rest. No matter what path my illness will take, I am confident about the care that I’m going to receive, either at the hospice or somewhere else. I know that the Cranford staff will be there to help me and guide me.”

We invite you to read our Annual Report where Kevin expands on his journey with Cranford Hospice, and we delve deeper into our care over the past year and the services we have provided.

You can read our Annual Report online here.