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24 Jul 2017

'Fit for future' is the focus of Cranford Hospice Trust and an independent business case report being released next week.

3 Jul 2017

12 year old Jackson has been baking for families at Cranford Hospice for the last 6 weeks without missing one.

Living every moment

Cranford Hospice is Hawke's Bay's leading palliative care provider.

Our goal is to help people with a terminal illness make the most of their lives, to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

We are committed to providing skilled and compassionate care. Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We work together with other health professionals involved in the care of each patient and their family, supporting them in their emotional, spiritual and practical needs.

Cranford's specialist services are offered at no cost to the patient. 

At Cranford Hospice we believe that every end-of-life journey is unique and valuable.