Symptom Management Guidance

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content using the best information available at the time of publishing. The use of these guidelines does not diminish the requirement for the health professional to exercise their clinical judgement. It is the responsibility of the health professional using these guidelines to adapt them for use in line with their own service policies taking into accoount individual patients needs. Accordingly PSEC, Cranford Hospice, Hawkes Bay Hospital, the publishers and the authors do not accept responsibility for any errors, omission in the guidelines; or any liability for loss, damage or negligence which may directly or indirectly result from the use of the guidelines in practice.




These Cranford Hospice symptom management guidelines have been developed to ensure a more consistent understanding of local practice.


These guidelines are currently under review.

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These algorithms are a simple guide to managing the most common symptoms in the last days/hours of life.

Restlessness, Agitation and Delirium




Pain & Renal Impairment

Respiratory Secretions



 We are happy to share these guidelines. We ask that you acknowledge Hawke's Bay Specialist Palliative Care as a source if reproducing any part of this document. Please be aware that we may regularly review our guidelines without notice.