Research at Cranford

Cranford Hospice has commenced on a journey towards becoming a research-active hospice

We see the importance, and indeed the responsibility, of contributing towards the body of knowledge about palliative care and hospice issues both locally and internationally.


We encourage a culture of research awareness at the hospice.

We have an active on-line journal club, and a research group that meets regularly to learn about research. We also have positioned ourselves to be research supporters. This means we encourage and support the research of others. We have established good links with tertiary academic institutions, and look forward to some collaborative projects in the near future.

We also support post-graduate students in various ways including a Masters support group.

In time we will become research generators who have the skill to conduct and publish our own work.

The overarching theme for all research activity at Cranford is JOURNEYS. This theme encapsulates a core feature of our patients' experience, as well as our own as fledgling researchers. In line with the literature, and our own local challenges, we have established what our research priorities are, and we have set some medium-term goals to work towards.


Our research priorities are:

  1. Palliative care in rural settings
  2. Palliative care for people with cognitive difficulties e.g. dementia
  3. Palliative care in aged-care
  4. Palliative care in the community i.e. people's homes
  5. Palliative care after-hours
  • If you have a research project in mind that we might be able to contribute towards
  • If you would like to know more about our research activity
  • If you'd like to support our research activity with skill or finances

Please contact Janice Byford-Jones at Cranford Hospice: