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The Hawke's Bay Palliative Care Education Service is guided and supported in its work by the specialist care clinical leaders at Cranford Hospice and the Hawke's Bay District Health Board.

We offer several educational programmes and learning opportunities for those working in primary and secondary care settings.

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The Palliative Care Handbook

The Palliative Care Handbook (8th edition) is a resource that explains how to manage and cope with problems caring for people with palliative needs. Click here to read the Palliative Care Handbook.

During 2016, with the generous support of Pub Charity and Genesis Oncology Trust, we distributed approximately 7000 copies to GPs, residential aged care facilities and via the hospice network.

The aim of this resource is to make palliative care understandable for healthcare professionals, using clear logical layout and understandable explanantions of how to manage and cope with problems that can be very challenging.

It includes new sections on dementia, nutrition and deprescribing. The Handbook is useful in any place where palliative care happens - it gives confidence to those who use and it and therefore hopefully comfort to the people approaching the end of their lives.

Click here to download the Palliative Care Handbook.

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