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The Hawke's Bay Palliative Care Education Service is guided and supported in its work by the specialist care clinical leaders at Cranford Hospice and the Hawke's Bay District Health Board.

We offer several educational programmes and learning opportunities for those working in primary and secondary care settings.

Click here for a great example of our palliative care education programmes making a positive impact out in the community. Thank you Brittany House Residential Care for letting us share this story.

Please follow the links to our programmes to find out more about our courses and which ones you can book online.

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Top Row: Gloria Morgan – CNS Hospital PC Team, Sonya Payne – Admin & E-Learning Support , Ann Gray – CNS Hospital PC Team, Lorna Hulkes – CNS Hospital PC Team, Jo Loney – Education Services Manager.
Bottom Row: Sue-Mary Davis – Aged Residential Care Liaison Nurse, Gretchen Gordon – CNS Cranford, Michelle Rodda – CNS Cranford, Katie Durbin – CNS Cranford


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