Our Team


Cranford Hospice has a medical team made up of highly experienced medical officers and palliative care medical specialists. Our team provides out patient appointments, inpatient services, community clinics in Wairoa and Central Hawke's Bay and 24 hour telephone advice (06 878 7047).


Our nursing team includes registered nurses, many of whom hold a Post Grad Certificate in Palliative Care. Our nurses provide holistic, hands-on care that supports patients and their family/whanau while staying in our inpatient unit.

Our community nurses take a primary role in the assessment, planning and coordination of individual palliative care needs for patients, family/whanau within the community and as part of the Cranford Hospice multidisciplinary team.


Cranford has support and input from a Clinical Pharmacy team that forms an integral part of our service provision. Our team also assists other health professionals, both generalist and specialist, in maintaining their knowledge about medications, adverse effects, funding issues, availability and alternatives.


Our counsellor provides confidential bereavement counselling services to patients, family/whanau. The counsellor is involved in designing and facilitating grief support groups and works with the pastoral care coordinator and social worker as part of the wider multidisciplinary team.

Social Worker

Our social worker's primary role is to provide effective social work services for Cranford Hospice patients and their families/whanau.

Music Therapist

Our service includes a music therapist, where music is used as a therapeutic tool to enhance the quality of life for our patients, their family/whanau. Music therapy is a valuable way of supporting patients while they are walking through this end of life journey.

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Our pastoral care coordinator is an active member of the hospice team and facilitates the pastoral and spiritual wellbeing of hospice patients and their families/whanau.

Kaitakawaenga (Maori Liaison)

Our Kaitakawaenga works to promote and improve access to palliative care services for Maori patients and their whanau and ensure their needs are met in a culturally appropriate way.

Hawke's Bay Palliative Care Education Service team

The team is responsible for planning, development, facilitation and evaluation of our palliative care education programmes. Our aim is to inform and support health care professionals to achieve the best possible care for pallitative care patients in Hawke's Bay which ever bed they may be in.


We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who assist in the inpatient unit at Cranford Hospice with meal preparation, laundry duties, gardening, flowers, baking and preserving and much more. Including the hours given at our Hospice Stores, volunteers contribute an incredible 50,000 hours of work per year.


Cranford Hospice has a household team which consists of: a fulltime household coordinator, three cleaners who work on a seven day a week roster, and food safety qualified cooks working in the kitchen overseeing our volunteers.

Administration Team

As with every organisation there is the 'behind the scenes' team that provides administrative and secretarial support for management and the clinical team. Our receptionists are often the 'face' of Cranford and the first people that patients, family and whanau meet when they arrive at the hospice.

Marketing and Fundraising Team

The Marketing and Fundraising team is dedicated to ensure we can continue to provide our service at no cost to the patient. Cranford Hospice is partly funded by the HBDHB, the other part ($2.8 million) is funded through the generosity and support of the community: families and friends, generous donors, the Cranford stores as well as local businesses.