Counselling & Bereavement

Our Family Support Team is here for patients and families from the time of referral, throughout the period of care and also during the period of bereavement.


Facing a life-limiting illness presents an uncertain path for patients and their families/whanau.

It is as important to address a patient's emotional, social, and family/whanau needs as it is the patient's physical requirements.


Our counselling services* can help our patients and families/whanau navigate their way through twists and turns. Counselling is simply a conversation which allows patients and their families to explore their thoughts and feelings in a supportive and confidential environment. Sessions are at no cost to the patient (and families/whanau) and can be designed to be individual or to include family and can be accessed throughout the span of a person's illness.

*Our counsellor is fully qualified and New Zealand Association of Counsellor registered.

Bereavement Support

Once a patient has died, the trek changes from one of coping with the illness of a loved one to navigating life without them. Cranford Hospice bereavement support is available and varied: one-to-one counsellor sessions with individuals and/or family/whanau bereavement support groups and Celebration of Life services. All services are offered at no cost to the family/whanau.